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Are you looking for help with your natural hair? We have supported many clients in meeting their hair goals. View some of our before & after styles below.


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Cut & Color

Are you looking for a fresh new you?  Perhaps you feared going short or a new color.  After a cut and color consultation we will have the perfect look for you. 

Flat Twist Updo

Do you wanna keep your hair healthy, neat, and stylish?  But your life is stressful, hectic, and busy? Perhaps it's time for a protective style. Protective styling are styles and techniques that reduces ongoing manipulation of your hair, encourages growth retention and protects the ends of your hair strands, reducing knots and tangles. These styles are cute, elegant and professional.

Transitioning to Natural

Don't know where to begin? Should I cut my hair? Or perhaps transition slowly? After our lovely Natural Hair Consultation.  You will know the best choice for you and your hair and how to achieve it.  Let us take help you take the guesswork out of going natural.

Color,Cut, Style

Looking for a refresh and easy?

Wash & Style Locs

Have you asked yourself how often I should wash my locs? Why are my locs thinning? Or what should I use on my locs?  We are here to help teach you the best routine and care for your locs.  Along with beautiful techniques and styles to make you feel and look your best.

Wash & Blow-Out

Did you know that a good healthy blow dry does not have to damage your hair? Using the RIGHT products, techniques, temperatures, and tension all contribute to a healthy blowout.  We are committed to healthy natural hair care.


Our services are explained here. Each service fits into one of our 3-Step processes of care. You can immediately book services you would like to have.

  • Consulations

    Let's talk about YOUR HAIR. Dianna is a licensed Natural Hair Care Specialist. She will review your hair goals and provide the best techniques and products for the health of your natural hair. 

    • Natural Hair Consultation  $30

    • Locs Consultations $30

    • Color Consultation 

    • Bridal Consultation $30

    Step 1
  • Wash & Condition

    Wash and Conditioning treatments.

    • Deep Condition Treatment   $15

    • Protein & Moisturizing Treatment   $15

    • Olaplex Treatment   $20

    • Hot Oil Treatment   $15

    Step 2 - Hands-On
  • Herbal Hair Teas

    Herbal Tea treatments to promote hair growth.

    • Calming Scalp Tea  $20

    • Strengthening Herbal Hair Tea  $20

    • Wild growth hair Tea  $20

    Step 2 - Hands-On
  • Locs

    After washing your hair, you should retwist your locs. Why? The hair is usually frizzy after wash days, so it needs to be retwisting. So that the new growth is intertwined with old growth.

    • Loc Retwist/ Loc grooming $60 
      (incl. wash & style)

    • Starting Locs $105
      (a loc consultation must be added)


    Step 2 - Hands-On
  • Cuts

    A variety of men's cuts available. Buzz cuts, fades, twist n cut styles, you name it we do it.

    For women, because everyone's hair is different, a trim can mean a quarter of an inch for some and up to several inches for others.

    • Men's Cut  $20

    • Woman's Cut  $60

    • Woman's Cut/Trim $25 (Must add a styling service) 

    Step 2 - Hands-On
  • Styling
    • Wash n’ Go Style $60

    • Bantu Knots $70

    • Blow-dry Style $50

    • Flat twist updo $65

    • Flexi-Rod Set and Style $70

    • Natural Coils $70

    • Perm Rod Set $70

    • Silk Press $70

    • Twist out with dryer $70

    • Two-Strand Twists $70

    • Wash & Rollerset $60

    Step 2 - Hands-On
  • Coloring
    • Balayage  $90

    • Color Gloss  $30

    • Color Retouch  $65

    • Corrective Color  $Variable
      (must be booked with a color consultation)

    • Full Color  $95

    • Full Foil Highlight  $115

    • Partial Foil Highlights  $75

    Step 2 - Hands-On
  • Perms/Relaxers
    • Relaxer (regular) $70

    • Relaxer Touchup $70

    • Relaxer $110
      (w/bond multiplier while relaxing)

    • Virgin Relaxer $90

    Step 2 - Hands-On
  • Natural Hair Product Line 

    Raw Beauty by Billy Renae. Maintain your natural hair with our natural product line. 

    Step 3 - Maintenance

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